Our Podcast Studios

Our Podcast Studios

mzStudios - Dallas Podcast Studio

The Table Podcast Set

Live Steaming Podcast Studio in Dallas, TX, mzStudios
Fits up to 6, sets can be combined for a total of 10.

Branding Displays

Add your logo or project image to our in-studio displays.

Remote Intergration

We are setup for remote studio links via Zoom and Source-Connect.

Countdown Timer

Customize our in-studio clock to count down or up for any segment.

Free Wifi

Free in-studio wifi for your laptops or mobile devices.

Custom Lighting

Customize the studio with the color scheme of your brand.

Live Stream Ready

Live stream to popular steaming sites and social platforms.

Phone & Zoom Intergration

Interview remote guests and talk calls from our Dallas studios.

Display Casting

Stream live TV or cast video from your mobile device to our in-studio display.

The Couch & Chair Podcast Set

Fits up to 4, sets can be combined for a total of 10.
mzStudios, Dallas Podcast Studios

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