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The Best time To Start your Podcast

This is ALWAYS The Best Time To Start Your Podcast

We get people in studio every week telling us about the podcast they want to start. They’ve been thinking about it for years. Here is what can happen when you get an idea for a podcast. You start to over think it. You feel like, “oh, I’m not ready yet. I’ll do it next month.…
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Facebook is Killing Podcasts

Facebook is Killing Podcasts

In April 2021, Facebook announced that it would dive into the world of audio chat rooms (Clubhouse style), soundbites, and podcasts. The social media giant launched their new audio features but they were a little confusing. If you tied your RSS feed to the Facebook podcast platform, it was difficult to find your episodes. It…
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How long should my podcast be?

How Long Should Your Podcast Be?

If you’re just starting out, you might be wondering about the best runtime for your podcast. Should it be an hour? 20 minutes? 30 minutes? And the answer is…there’s no right answer for that. The great thing about podcasting is that there are no rules! You don’t have to follow a broadcast schedule. You don’t…
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How to Resize Your Podcast Videos for Social Media

Here’s an easy way to resize your podcast videos for social media! Don’t worry. You don’t need to download any software or own any video editing apps. We will be using a site called 1. Create An Account with Veed 2. Click on ‘Create Video’ and then ‘Create Project’ 3. Drag & Drop your…
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Grow Your Podcast with Social Media

If your podcast isn’t posting short form video clips on social media right now, you’re missing out on FREE organic growth. You might be getting a little discouraged because you are uploading your full podcast episode on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram and you’re not seeing any traction. Currently, all of the social media platforms are…
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PodChats by mzStudios, Podcast Studio

PodChats – A Virtual Podcast Event

We know podcasting can be hard at times, and we’re here to help! That’s why we’re launching PodChats. PodChats are periodic virtual meetups exclusively for users of mzStudios. These virtual events will be hosted by members of the mzStudios production team as well as fellow podcasters.  Our goal is to make PodChats a valuable resource…
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How to Sound GREAT for Your Remote Podcast Interview, Headphones

How to Sound GREAT for Your Remote Podcast Interview

Worried about how you will sound for your remote podcast interview? Don’t be! We’re going to give you some tips on how to sound your best! Unlike in-studio interviews, remote podcast interviews can be a little tricky because most homes and offices are not set up as a professional recording studio. Lawn mowers, pets, and…
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How to Celebrate that Milestone Episode - Podcasts & Coffee

How to Celebrate That Milestone Podcast Episode

So you’re coming up to that special, milestone podcast episode. You may be celebrating episode number 25, 50, 100, or 500! Either way, it’s a huge accomplishment. Be proud of what you’ve done and celebrate it with a special episode. What started out as an idea is now a reality. So how should you celebrate…
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Zoom V3 Vocal Processor

Can You Use the Zoom V3 For Your Podcast?

Recently, Zoom released the V3 Vocal Processor. Zoom creates some of the BEST podcasting hardware around. Their audio quality is unmatched and their devices are both portable and durable. If you’re looking to add vocal effects and real-time processing to your podcasts, look no further. In this video, we take a look at all 16…
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Weekendology Podcast

Podcast Spotlight: Weekendology

Meet William and Aaron of Weekendology. Another reason to look forward to the weekend! These guys have continued to release content during the pandemic from the comfort of their own home. Follow them on your favorite podcast platform and add them to your Friday routine! What is your show about? Our show is about discussing things…
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