We get people in studio every week telling us about the podcast they want to start.

They’ve been thinking about it for years.

Here is what can happen when you get an idea for a podcast. You start to over think it. You feel like, “oh, I’m not ready yet. I’ll do it next month. I’ll do it next quarter. I’ll do it next year.”

Then years go by and you still haven’t done it.

So when is the best time to start a podcast?

Right now. Just start doing it.

You don’t have to have everything pre-planned before you start.

You don’t have to release your first episode.

You can record the first episode, listen to it, figure out your format from there, & cut it down and edit it multiple times until you’re ready.

And then, you can start doing your second and third episode. When you’re comfortable enough, you can release them to the public.

Don’t feel like you have to record your episode and then immediately release it. If you don’t feel like your podcast is ready, you can keep working on it until you’re comfortable with it.

Editing is your friend

If you don’t like something, you can always cut it out. Don’t wait for perfection. Waiting won’t make your podcast any better.

Start recording and experimenting with your podcast.

When an artist is recording a song, they typically don’t have it all figured out in the first recording. Sometimes they have to tweak a few things.

Sometimes they add more instruments. Sometimes they take out instruments. Sometimes they change or add words.

But they don’t wait until everything comes to them before they go into a studio. They just start recording and then tinker with it as they go along. If you have an idea for a podcast and you’re excited about it, start recording.

The best time to start your podcast is now.

You don’t have to go into a studio to record. You can record on your phone. You can record at your computer, but just start.

If you have any questions before starting, don’t hesitate to contact us.