So you’re coming up to that special, milestone podcast episode. You may be celebrating episode number 25, 50, 100, or 500! Either way, it’s a huge accomplishment. Be proud of what you’ve done and celebrate it with a special episode.

What started out as an idea is now a reality.

So how should you celebrate that milestone episode?

Here are a few ideas:

Introduce your team to your listeners

Podcasting can be hard. Some people don’t do it alone. If you have a team that help you create your podcast week after week, why not introduce them to your listeners?

This is a great opportunity to showcase members of your group who may not normally get air time. These people may be your guest booker, copywriter, or content producer. Share stories on what it takes to put together each episode. Listeners love behind-the-scenes content!

You can also release blooper reels or question & answer video content on your social media and YouTube channels.

Show your listeners how your podcast is put together each week and introduce the team that makes it happen.

Have someone interview you on your podcast

Do you have an interview show? Why not change it up by having someone interview you!

If you’re usually the one asking questions, it’s time to start giving some answers.

Your listeners tune in each week to hear you – but how much do they really know about your story?

Tell your listeners who you are in your milestone episode and why you decided to start your podcast.

Highlight the best moments from previous episodes

A best of episode is a great way to highlight some of your favorite guests and special moments.

It will also introduce your newer listeners to some of your older content. If they like what they hear, they will start to explore your earlier episodes.

You can also share stories or background information related to your best of content that may have happened behind-the-scenes.

If you’re proud of your content, use your special episode to showcase your favorite moments.

Interview your listeners

Another way to celebrate your milestone podcast episode is by interviewing your listeners.

If you have a listener who has been impacted by your podcast, bring them on the show to talk about it.

Have they found your information useful? Were they inspired by one of your guests?

Opening up a microphone for your listener is a great way to build community and showcase the value of your podcast.

How to Celebrate that Milestone Episode - Podcasts & Coffee
Juja Han@juja_han

No matter what, make sure you celebrate your milestone podcast episode! You’ve worked hard to get here, so make it special.

Have you celebrated a milestone episode? What did you do?

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