Meet William and Aaron of Weekendology. Another reason to look forward to the weekend!

These guys have continued to release content during the pandemic from the comfort of their own home.

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What is your show about?

Our show is about discussing things we want to see changed and improved upon.  We cover topics from sports, movies, music, pop culture and more in the entertainment world. 

What made you want to start Weekendology?

We started the podcast because we both have wanted to do a podcast that is different than anyone else is doing.  Also, creating great content and having good discussions on a wide range of topics.

What has been the hardest part about doing your podcast and how have you overcome it?

The hardest part is developing a consistent audience and getting noticed.  We’ve attempted to overcome this by being consistent with our content releases and promoting as much as possible on social media.

How do you market Weekendology?

We market Weekendology via all major podcast publishing platforms including apple, spotify, amazon, iHeartMedia.  All major social media networks and with video previews.  

What advice/encouragement would you give fellow podcasters?

Suggestions would be to post consistently, make sure there is good audio quality and ensure that the episodes come out at the same time each week or month.  Be active on social media and try to have interesting guests on.

What would you say to other people thinking about taking that leap into podcasting?

I would tell other people to just do it because you enjoy creating great content.  Don’t expect to blow up and get big right away.  Just do it for fun and then go from there

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