Evergreen for the Holidays

Holidays 2020

The Holidays are almost here (can you believe it)? Now is a great time to start thinking about your holiday release schedule.

It’s safe to assume more people will be driving to the homes of their friends and families instead of flying this year. Longer travel times mean people will look for more ways to entertain themselves. So, why not release new episodes?

Instead of frantically trying to record and produce new material before your own travel plans, why not stockpile some evergreen episodes?

So, what is ‘evergreen?’

Within the context of journalism and broadcasting, evergreen content is content that is not time-sensitive. Evergreen content does not rely on current events; thus, an evergreen story can be prepared, then mothballed until it is needed to fill time on a slower news day or on a holiday when fewer journalists are on duty. 


October is the perfect time to start mapping out your evergreen content and book your evergreen guests! While others might take a break during the Holidays, you can release new and great content that your listeners will appreciate.

So, enjoy your time with friends and family knowing your evergreen content is complete. This Holiday season, you’ll rest easy knowing you are entertaining and informing your listeners all while eating some apple pie.