The Benefits of Partnering L&D and ERGs

ERGs and Learning and Development professionals have a lot to gain by forming mutually respectful and beneficial partnerships. In this episode, we will explore the specific ways of forming and sustaining these partnerships effectively with my three guests: Theo Bowling a diversity manager at Lowes Corporation, Kee Meng Yeo Adjunct Professor at Grand Valley State…
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Fights in the Parking Lot Part 2

Dana & Annessa discuss the state of America in light of the police murder of #GeorgeFloyd at the Water Cooler, during the Down to Business Segment, Dana’s best friend Kayla tells her side of the story from our previous “Fights in the Parking Lot” episode.

How ERGs Can Increase Their Impact and Get More Benefits by Partnering with Supplier Diversity

ERGs and Supplier Diversity efforts have a great deal to gain by partnering. In this episode, we will explore the functions and needs of the supplier diversity manager in a corporation and how ERGs and their leader can benefit by supporting them.

How ERGs Can Help Make The Physical and Virtual World More Accessible

In the last couple of years, many organizations have had to pay to retrofit physical space that was built without consideration of people with different ranges of physical, intellectual. developmental and sensory abilities. As technologies that will one day make working from home easier than ever are developed, we need to “bake-in” those considerations, instead…
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How to Build More Influential and Inclusive ERGs

There is a huge opportunity for you to lead your company to a new level of inclusion and flexibility by starting with your ERG. In this episode learn from Dr. Inga Carboni of the College of William and Mary, Christian Baldia Constellation SAS CEO and Brian Vigeant CEO of CultureHQ how to apply the relatively…
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How ERG Membership Ignites Your Passion

Have you ever felt that you needed something to spark your passion and get you up and moving forward? So did my guest in this episode of ERG PowerTalk. Simone Morris, who once found herself less than enthusiastic about her career,is currently the highly energized and dynamic CEO of her own company, Simone Morris Enterprises…
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How to Leverage Your ERG to Make Yourself Visible

Would you like to know how to leverage your ERG to acquire the 7 skills that can put you on your companies radar? Then join me and my guest Stephen Krempl, executive and expert on making yourself stand out in this episode of ERG PowerTalk. And learn how to stop being invisible. After my interview with…
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How ERGs turn Your Employees into Performance Rock Stars

Since 2015 companies have been futilely spending about $721 million dollars per year and climbing towards $1.5 billion to achieve greater employee engagement. All of this investment, in the hopes that this will increase employee productivity. However, new research shows that there is another ingredient in addition to engagement that’s needed to spark this productivity and its one…
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Using Zoom: Best Practices for Recording Your Podcast

As shelter-in-place becomes the common place for many people around the world, options for recording podcasts have become limited. Many people have started using Zoom in order to continue creating content during this unpredictable time. Zoom is an easy-to-use video conferencing program with recording capabilities. It’s not the best option in terms of quality, however,…
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What’s Your ERG Worth?

Imagine you’re caught in the middle of a budget cuts and you’re asked “so what value does your ERG bring to the company?” The fact is that you are very likely bringing more value than you think, but if you can’t prove it you’re out of luck. Before that happens to you, join me and…
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